“Now Why Would I Need An Autoresponder?”

Hello everyone, here I am again with some valued information that I know you can use.  Today I’m going to talk to you about autoresponders, what they’re used for, who uses them and why. 

Let me tell you that when I was in my initial days of starting my internet marketing journey, I found out early on that you ABSOLUTELY NEEDED an autoresponder or you are sure to fail! Autoresponders are the life line for every successful internet marketer.  In using an autoresponder, you are able to successfully collect all of your leads….and we all know that….


So having a specific place for them all to go to is an invalueble tool.  With this internet marketing tool, you are able to set up automatic email responses for every lead that opts in to your capture page (we will talk about capture pages later!)  Now how awesome is that??  You also have the ability to create an opt in box within the autoresponders website…..and that’s after you set up for an account. 

I know there are quite a few autoreponders that you can choose from but the two that I am more familiar with are GetResponse and Aweber.  I actually chose Aweber! (smile) With both services, there is a monthly fee that is charged.  GetResponse gives the option of how many people you will be emailing through your list in accordance with how much they will charge you per month, for example:

For 101-250 contacts per month is 9.95

With Aweber, there is a current promotion that shows the initial month of sign up for $1.00 and for each month after with up to 500 contacts per month it is $19. 

As I mentioned earlier, every successful internet marketer uses an autoreponder, period!  So if you are serious about building an amazing business on the internet or even offline, you have to invest in an autoresponder….don’t be cheap, you will kick yourself later!

I hope this information helps you and others in creating an absolutely amazing business….Share this post with others that may need this information by linking to social networks that are listed below….

To Your Greatest Success,



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