About Lenore

Welcome everyone to my amazing blog!!!  I am sooo excited about this blog and what everyone will be able to gain from the knowledge that I will provide….oh this is suppose to be about me, ok.

Let me start by saying that  I am a college graduate with a BA Degree in Fashion Marketing and a true love for helping and encouraging others….

I have always been an individual who is spontaneous, who loves to enjoy life and the people around me but I am indeed a serious individual when it comes to the in’s and out’s of being an entrepreneur.  I have worked in corporate jobs that have had an enormous demand on me.  Initially being happy with my position I was never satisfied!  I knew that I needed to create an atmosphere in my life that would allow me to work hard for myself.  Then I would be satisfied…..

Having experiences in the world of business ownership proved to be just that….an experience!  Moving on and deciding that what I needed was not in someone elses business but with me having my own.  This is what drew me to completing my degree in Fashion Marketing. 

During my time in college, I was encountered by someone who was in network marketing.  They were a part of a mlm company and thought that I would be interested as well.  I had total respect for that person and was more than happy to join them in the business……oh boy, what did I just do??  I had no idea.  Being the research person that I am, I came straight to the internet.  Looked up some information but not getting what I really needed to know.  The real in’s and out’s of network marketing.   So there I was, going out on the streets, approaching people who gave me the ‘cold shoulder’ and the weirdest look.  I knew then that I needed to find out how this is done….successfully!!  Back to the computer, relentlessness to find the answer led me to countless websites and a true overload of information, some good and some bad.  It definitely gave me the opportunity to learn what the top earners in that company did not EVER mention.  My research also allowed me the opportunity to be trained and mentored by some the best individuals in the internet marketing business.  I’m telling you, if I had not been eager and driven to ‘find the answer’ I would not have had the experiences to tell you about….I would have been among that 97% that fail…..you know you always hear that!!

So, here I am able to give you a real insight on what can work and what won’t in the world of internet marketing.  This learning process has been difficult but necessary……it was necessary!! And I am ready to dish it all to you…one strategy at a time!!


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